Ways Kids Give Back This Holiday

7 Ways to Give Back This Year That Will Get Your Kids in the Spirit of the Holiday Season!

Chances are that your holiday season is marked by trips to the mall, baked goodies, holiday parties, and nicely wrapped presents. But you can teach your kids about the value of generosity and kindness this year by giving back to the community.

  1. Food banks and homeless shelters hit their busiest peak this time of year. Bring your kids with you to sort canned goods for your local food bank or serve food to the homeless who are lining up for a hot meal in the Palm Beach area.
  2. You can also donate to these same organizations by providing canned goods or other items that they express a need for, or take your kids to the store to pick out toys for a toy drive that gets new toys to needy kids.
  3. Many Americans are celebrating the holidays abroad this year. Sending a care package to servicemen and women can be a wonderful way for your kids to get creative and thoughtful in their giving.
  4. Your local fire station likely has several first responders working long hours during the holidays, or missing out on time with their families this season. You can bake cookies with your kids and deliver the good cheer right to your local station.
  5. Do your kids and their friends love to sing carols this time of year? Take the show on the road and head to your local elder care facility to bring smiles to elderly guests’ faces.
  6. Shop locally. It’s tempting to knock off every gift on your list during a cyber shopping spree, but remember your local toy stores, clothing retailers, and artisans when you shop this season.
  7. The holidays can bring out impatience in us all. Long lines and crowds can be irritating, but resist the urge to snap at strangers in front of your kids. Let someone ahead of you in line when she only has one item. Yield a parking spot to another weary driver. Small acts of generosity toward strangers will resonate with your children.

How does your family give back during the holidays? Tell us how you get involved in the comments section!

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