Developing Healthy, Clean Eating Habits at a Young Age

Summit Kids Academy knows how significant nutrition is to your family. While you can be sure to feed your child a nutritious diet at home, it’s important for you to know that your kids are eating well at school, as well. That is why nutrition is a fundamental part of our program.

All of our full day programs for children, 12 months and older, include healthy snacks and lunch daily. Meals should be more than just a required part of each day. They can be an opportunity to learn and grow.

We help toddlers, preschoolers, and even children in our after school program develop social, emotional, cognitive, and fine motor skills during mealtime. Most importantly, we are helping to teach them how to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime.



What’s for Lunch?

We make all of our meals from scratch, with no processed foods, no added sugar, no fried foods, use of whole grains and, don’t tell your kids, but we hide vegetables in everything (even the grilled cheese and the pancakes).

Enjoying Food Together
All of our meals are served family style. Teachers and children sit together and learn how to sit, serve, and eat as a group.

A Balanced Diet
Our menu features homemade recipes that provide a balanced diet, and are low in fat, sugar, and preservatives. We use organic, fresh and local ingredients.

How We Create Our Menu

Creating a menu that is kid friendly and healthy was our top priority. In order to achieve these goals, we made the following choices:

  • Provide fresh fruit and vegetables daily, whenever possible sourced locally and grown in Florida.
  • Use whole grain foods in breads, rice, and pasta.
  • Heavy emphasis on plant based proteins such as lentil, beans, quinoa and chia seeds.
  • No red meat and limited use of dairy.
  • Nut-free.
  • No juice. Only milk and water are served.

Learn More
Read even more about our approach to healthy nutrition in our recent blog post.


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