Summit Kids Peak of Health

The health of our of our students, families, and staff is priority #1.


Health Screening Of All Employees & Children.
Wellness and temperature tests are taken daily. Any individual with a fever, sore throat, cough, headache, shortness of breath or similar symptoms will not be allowed to attend or work. In addition, all staff are wearing face masks to further prevent spread of viruses in case someone is asymptomatic.

School Wide Professional Disinfection .
Every week, a professional crew disinfects the entire school using a hydrogen peroxide fogging system to kill all viruses (including COVID-19) and bacteria on contact.


Focus on Hand Washing Habits .

Everyone washes their hands on entry to the school, and numerous times during the day. Teaching your children how to wash their hands effectively is one of the best defenses against spreading germs.

Additional Hand Sanitizer Stations.

We have numerous additional hand sanitizer stations throughout the school.

Daily Zono of Classroom Materials.

Hospital grade disinfection in our safe and tested ozone system that kills 99.99% of all germs on all items used in the classrooms.


Exclusive HVAC UV Light Air Filters.

The units' UV lights produce hydro-peroxide plasma that circulates into the air and purifies pollutants at their source. So, if a child sneezes in the classroom, any bacteria or viruses in the droplets are neutralized within 3 feet of the sneeze.

Outdoor Classroom = More Fresh Air.

The use of our Outdoor Classroom keeps the children out in the fresh air, further reducing the risk of transmission of any germs.

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