Summertime Crafting: Five Colorful Ideas for Young Children

Summertime Crafting: Five Colorful Ideas for Young Children

As the summer days grow hotter and steamier, plenty of fun is to be had at the pool, the beach, and the splash park. But there will likely be a number of afternoons spent indoors, rainy Saturday mornings, and low-key evenings to enjoy. That’s when many kids love to get their hands messy with a craft, and what better during the summer months than a summertime craft?

This craft is both colorful and functional. These DIY, fruit-inspired fans are adorable, and all you need in order to make them is construction paper, craft sticks, and watercolor paints. Make watermelon fans, pineapple fans, and any other fruit you desire. Then, when you’ve finished your vibrant craft, you’ll have a cute way of cooling off on the back deck this summer. A few craft sticks, some construction paper, and some watercolor paints, are all that are needed for this colorful and functional summer craft.

Putting together a pair of colorful “binoculars” is a great way to get your kids engaged with a craft, but also encourage them to explore the world around them. While these may not magnify, they can get your kids to focus in on the details around them, whether they are exploring the backyard, on a nature walk, or having a bit of an impromptu scavenger hunt.Bringing a bit of color into your home in the summertime can be such a nice way to welcome the hotter months and brighten things up. These little coasters are easy for kids to make, and they bring just a small and subtle touch of color to your patio table or kitchen counter. Plus, kids will love seeing a craft they’ve worked on displayed in their own home!

Making sculptures with ice and salt is such a unique activity that your kids will enjoy simply because they are rarely given the opportunity to work with these types of materials. Plus, when they build crafts out of ice and then watch them melt as they come into contact with salt, they’ll be amazed. This brings a bit of science into a crafty activity and engaged kids both big and small.

Who doesn’t love twinkly strings of fairy lights, especially out in the backyard or on the patio in the summertime? These DIY lighted mason jars are a trendy and adorable way to bring that whimsical, twinkly look into your outdoor space, and they are fun for kids to make. Plus, they are much easier to decorate with than string lights and safer for kids running around in an outdoor spot.

Do you struggle to find craft ideas in the warm weather? Are there any favorites that you gravitate toward? Let us know in the comments section!

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