Summer Camp Interview

Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with Andrew and Stefan Rich about our school age Summer Camp Program. We hold our summer camp program on our campus in western Boynton Beach / Lake Worth. The camp has always had a fun, family feel. The group is small enough for everyone to get to know each other, but large enough for a diverse set of interests. Staffed by our teachers, the camps feature field trips, special events on site, sports, art, science and lots of time to be kids!

Both boys have attended our program for a few years so they were able to give us a unique perspective. We wanted to find out how campers felt about the program we offer. Here is what they had to say:

How many years have you been attending our summer camp?
S: I have been going to camp for 6 years and been at summit for 10 years.
A: I’ve been at camp for four years and at Summit for eight years.

What was it about last year’s summer program that made it particularly good?
S: I like going on the field trips. I also like to play outside in the play yard, especially basketball. I was also able to use the iPads from time to time.
A: The field trips were a lot of fun.

What was your favorite field trip during the summer and why?
S: My favorite field trip was we rock the spectrum zip line adventure. It was lots of fun.
A: My favorite field trip was at we rock the spectrum zip line adventure. It was a lot of fun especially the trampoline and zip line.

What other trips/activities did you enjoy and why?
S: I really enjoyed going ice-skating and to Busch wildlife. I also liked when they brought the reptiles to camp.
A: I enjoyed going outside because there was a lot of things to do outside. I liked playing basketball with my friends.

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?
S: I like to play video games and sports outside

Are you looking forward to this year’s summer camp?
S: Yes I am looking forward to coming to camp this year so I can go to lots of fun places and see my friends that come every year.
A: Yes I can’t wait to come to camp this year so I can go to lots of places.

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