Selecting the Right Extracurricular Activities for Your Child

Selecting the Right Extracurricular Activities for Your Child

The sheer quantity of activities your child can become involved in after daycare and on the weekends is staggering. From classics like swimming and ballet to newer favorites like STEM-oriented classes and yoga, there is a lot to choose from. Check out our suggestions on how to choose the right activities for your little one, and you may find yourself making wiser choices on behalf of your child.

  1. Remember not to live vicariously through your child. Did you always want to take piano as a child? Then consider signing up for lessons as an adult, but do not pressure your little one into piano lessons if she has no interest. She may only feel badgered into participating if her motivation isn’t coming from within herself.
  2. Try not to give in to peer pressure! If every parent you know is talking about the very best gymnastics class in town, but your child would rather participate in something else and shows no interest in gymnastics, it’s OK to pass on that right now! What is great for other kids may not be the best fit for your own.
  3. Talk to your kid and get her opinion about what she’d like to do. Maybe she really loves art activities, or maybe she is jealous of her friend’s karate skills. Ask her what she might want to become involved in.
  4. Don’t go overboard. Start with one activity at first and gauge your child’s energy levels. Some kids are ready to bounce from one activity to another on a Saturday morning, while others need a nap after an hour of gymnastics. Take their cues before enrolling them in more activities.
  5. Check in with your child about how their activities are going. If he is lukewarm about soccer, or is having a blast at music class, you need to know! That way, you can make smart decisions about how to invest your time and his.
  6. What does your child love best about her daycare or preschool? Does she love to learn about nature or science? Is art or music her favorite activity? Build on what she’s learning and loving during the week!

How have you been making decisions about which activities to enroll your child in? Let us know in the comments section!

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