Saying Goodbye to Summer: Family Activities

Saying Goodbye to Summer: Family Activities for the End of the Season

For nostalgic families, especially those with young children, the end of summer can be a bittersweet time. Bidding farewell to lazy, long summer nights, long weekends away, and a slower pace, can be difficult for kids and adults alike. But since the summer technically lasts for a few more weeks, and the hot weather tends to linger into fall, families can still enjoy a few last summertime activities.

Baseball. Baseball season continues into the fall, but feels just like summer. Whether you get tickets for a major league game, find your way into a minor league game, or simply take in a local game between teams in your town, watching baseball can feel relaxing, festive, and summery. Add hot dogs and cold drinks and you’ve got a summertime pastime that you can enjoy for another month or two! 

The county fair. County fair season extends into the fall, since many farmers like to show off their hard work at the end of their growing seasons. Take a trip to a county fair near you and introduce your kids to oversized, and delicious, fruits and veggies, cows, pigs, and horses, and fun events for the whole family.

Cookouts. A backyard cookout is even more fun toward the end of summer. Corn and tomatoes are in their prime, the afternoon and evening are shadier as the sun begins to set later in the day, and everyone loves to eat off the grill when summer is fading away.

S’mores. Some think of s’mores as a summertime treat, while others place them firmly in the autumnal indulgence category. For that reason, nothing says late summer and early fall like a s’more, and they can be made on your grill, over your fire pit, or even over a bonfire at the beach.

Stargazing. Looking at the stars is a great late summer activity, simply because, while the weather stays warm into September, the evenings get darker a bit earlier, so that younger kids can enjoy looking at the stars before bedtime. Lay on a blanket in the backyard and ask your young children if they see any shapes in the sky!

How does your family bid farewell to summertime? What favorite activities do you continue into September? Share your ideas in the comments section!

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