Not Your Usual Kids’ Party: 5 Unique Birthday Party Ideas

If you’ve gone bowling too many years in a row, or can’t figure out how to make your home parties really shine, we have five ideas for unique kids’ parties that are easy to pull off and fun for kids and adults. Read on to for ideas for a unique party for your little one this year.

  1. Seuss Theme. If your child absolutely loves Horton and can recite The Foot Book by memory, a Dr. Seuss party might be in the cards for you. This theme isn’t frequently encountered at kids’ parties, but it’s actually relatively easy to find Seuss-themed plates, cups, napkins, and decorations at party stores and on Etsy. Perform a few dramatic readings of your favorite Dr. Seuss books, put the Cat in the Hat on a cake, and you’ve got a fun and silly party that kids of a variety of ages will love.
  1. Take it to the Fire Station. When your child hears those familiar sirens outside the window, does he run to see the big, red fire truck go by? Are firefighters the heroes she looks up to most? A fire fighting theme can be great fun for kids, and many local departments, and private companies, allow kids the chance to climb into a fire truck, meet fire fighters, hold a hose, and put on fire hats.
  1. DIY Treat Party. Sweet treats are always a central part of every children’s birthday party. Getting kids in on the action will teach them a bit about the art of creating desserts and treats, and can lead to some messy fun. Make-your-own-strawberry-shortcake stations, cupcake decorating, fruit-dipping, and ice cream sundae bars can be part of the fun.
  1. Detective Party. Give each child a magnifying glass, a detective cap, and a fake moustache, and set them off in search of missing goods on a backyard scavenger hunt, keep them busy by posting riddles around the house that promise a prize to the person who figures out the solution, and set up a game of Clue for bigger kids.
  1. Water Games! If you’ve got a big backyard and your party is set for a hot day, stock up on waterproof sunscreen, frozen treats, and lemonade, and bring the waterpark to your home! Sprinklers, slip ‘n’ slides, wading pools, and a mud pie station will keep kids cool and active all day long.

Do you have any interesting and unique ideas in mind for your child’s party this year? Let us know in the comments section!

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  1. The party ideas are really great, especially the water games, on hot day kids enjoy a lot playing water games. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

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