Moving Your Child’s Bedtime Can Impact Your Family

Moving Your Child’s Bedtime Earlier: How It Can Impact Your Family

Sleep concerns are a part of life for many parents of young children. But there is a simple solution that can reduce the impact of many of these sleep issues. Putting your young child to bed earlier can have a positive effect on his sleep and your wellbeing!

Fewer nighttime wake-ups. If your child isn’t overly exhausted because she is going to sleep a bit earlier, she’ll have the chance to put herself to sleep, which then allows her natural sleep cycle to take place throughout the night, resulting in fewer wake-ups.

Later morning wake-ups. It can seem counterintuitive, but the earlier a child goes to sleep and the more well-rested she is, the later she may wake up in the morning. Our bodies secrete a hormone when we are overly tired that actually keeps us more alert and can cause us to wake up earlier in the morning.

Falling asleep more quickly. A well-rested child actually falls asleep much more easily and quickly than an overly exhausted child. Bedtime will be less of a battle when your child is calm and relaxed and not in a jittery, emotional, overtired state!

Good habits. Putting your child to sleep early, at a young age, sets the stage for better sleep habits later in life. Prioritizing an early bedtime and good rest will be something that your child values, and benefits from, later in life. Plus, as he grows older and he asks for a later bedtime, the fact that you’ll be pushing bedtime from 7pm to 8pm instead of 8pm to 9pm will be an advantage.

More time for you. Parents need downtime, too! One of the advantages of an earlier bedtime for your young child is more time for you to relax with your partner, have conversations with friends and family, read and watch television, or participate in self care. As your wellbeing improves, so will your parenting!

Have you attempted to put your young child to sleep a bit earlier? Has this impacted your family’s wellbeing?

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