Moving with Young Kids: Five Ways to Make it Easier

Moving with Young Kids in Tow: Five Ways to Make it Easier on Everyone

Moving your family into a new home can be a challenging transition for adults and kids alike. To make the process go smoothly, and help your children through this big change as well, check out our five tips which cover packing, cleaning house, and handling big emotions.

1.    Get to the kids’ belongings while they’re asleep. Have you ever tried to pack a child’s personal items while they’re sitting right in front of you? Chances are that every seldom-used toy, overlooked sweater, and even gear like sippy cups and breastfeeding pillows will all of a sudden become very appealing. Your kids won’t want you to pack away all of their items for the few weeks before the move! Pack these types of items after the kids’ bedtime, leaving out essential toys and clothes only.

2.     Get more childcare help. Toddlers and preschool age kids are not known for their packing skills, or their ability to play independently for long periods of time. Getting a family member or friend to baby sit for a few hours on the weekends, or hiring a babysitter, can give you precious time to hurry through dozens of boxes.

3.    Clean house. How many overlooked toys do you own? How about clothing that no longer fits or appliances you never use? This is a great time to clean out anything you no longer need. Utilize Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, Craigslist, or local parenting groups to advertise your merchandise and turn clutter into cash.

4.    Make your entrance special. It can be easy to lose track of what might be exciting about a new home for kids. With so much planning and work to be done, enthusiasm often runs low. Think about surprising your kids with a special toy area, a new item for their rooms, or even something new that the whole family can enjoy. We know a family who bought an ice cream maker and made their kids’ favorite ice cream after their first dinner in their new home, making for a special first night together.

5.     Say a meaningful goodbye. Take some time to walk through your old home with your kids so that they can say goodbye to any favorite spots. Remember to reminisce about special times your family spent there. You might elicit some tears, but saying goodbye and being open about everyone’s emotions is a healthy process.

You’ll, of course, want to give yourself a break during this time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, indulge in an activity that relieves your stress. And if your kids act out, remember that they are going through a lot, too, and that in time, they’ll adjust and embrace their new home.

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