Making Drop-off and Pick-up Smooth for Your Child and You!

Making Drop-off and Pick-up Smooth for Your Child and You!

How much thought have you given to your child’s daycare drop-off and pick-up each day? The way you part with your child in the morning and the way you reunite in the evening can make a big difference when it comes to your child’s day.

How to Make Drop-off a Breeze: 

  1. Prepare the night before by picking out and laying out clothing so that your morning routine isn’t too hectic or rushed.
  2. Ask your child what his favorite part of his day will be, what he’s looking forward to, and who he’ll play with as a way of getting him excited on the drive to school.
  3. Come up with a special goodbye ritual that will make your child feel loved and comfortable. A funny handshake, a sweet hug, or a phrase that’s meaningful to you both can help to ease the transition.
  4. Remember, though, to keep your goodbye short and sweet. Too much hovering over your child at drop-off can make you seem anxious, which in turn can make your child anxious.
  5. Read books like Llama Llama Misses Mama and The Kissing Hand which directly address the idea of saying goodbye, and, more importantly, reuniting again.

Smoothing the End of Day Transition:

  1. When you arrive at daycare, you are catching your child in the middle of play or learning much of the time. Give her a few more minutes to finish her game or say goodbye.
  2. And remember to give yourself enough time for pick-up so that you’re not feeling rushed or flustered as you’re talking to parents and teachers and gathering your kids’ items.
  3. Just as you got your child excited on the drive to school, talk to your child about what you’ll do when you get home, whether it’s a special dinner or some games you’ll play.
  4. Consider coming up with an end-of-day ritual as well, whether it’s simply the order in which you’ll do things before heading out, or a special goodbye to your child’s friends and even his toys!
  5. Take some time to ask your child’s teacher how his day went. If your child had a tough day, you’ll know that he needs a little extra care at the end of the day.

Are you a pick-up or drop-off pro? Let your fellow parents in on your secrets by discussing below in the comments section!

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