Local, Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities That Are Fun for Adults, Too!

Local, Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities That Are Fun for Adults, Too!

As fun as days at the beach and afternoons at the playground can be, many families are in search of outdoor activities with a little something that sets them apart. Whether you love being on the water, enjoy more of an urban flourish, or enjoy some adventure, South Florida has plenty of activities for your entire family.

  1. Watersports are a local favorite, of course, but jet skis and surfboards can be a little intimidating for young children. Instead, take your family on a paddleboard adventure with South Florida Paddle. Children under 13 years of age can ride on an adult’s board, and lessons are provided.
  2. Riverbend Park truly allows families to tailor activities to their own energy level and capabilities. Take a leisurely hike through the scenic trails, ride bikes, or even canoe on the river with your family.
  3. The Lake Trail in Palm Beach is a great spot for young kids to run, scoot, or bike their energy out on the lengthy, paved trail, but it’s also a fun sightseeing tour for adults who enjoy admiring the beautiful historic properties of Palm Beach.
  4. Regardless of the ages of your children, Phil Foster Park has plenty of activities to offer. While younger kids might prefer to enjoy the beach and play in the sand, older and more adventurous kids will want to take advantage of the underwater snorkel trail!
  5. Wakodahatchee Wetlands is a perfect place for kids to explore nature, see wildlife up close, and take in the beauty of South Florida’s wetlands. Adults will enjoy the hike, as well as the birdwatching and photography opportunities.

What are your family’s favorite activities? If your family has discovered a new location that’s off the beaten track, or offers a unique experience, et us know about your recent adventures in the comments section!

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