Kids' Clothes that Defy Gender Stereotypes

Clothing Lines for Parents in Search of Designs that Defy Gender Stereotypes

Does your daughter love trucks, trains, and planes? Are you having a hard time rifling through the princess-themed outfits and rows and rows of ruffles at your local kids’ clothing store to find clothing she might enjoy? Are you tired of dressing your little boy in t-shirts that say “trouble” across the front, when your child is actually a sweet and thoughtful little guy? These clothing lines are coming to the rescue of parents and kids who wish their clothing was a little less gendered.

  1. Handsome in Pink. This clothing line changes its designs frequently, coming up with new ways of letting the world know that your child is more than just their gender. The tees for boys come in purple and pink, which are favorites of many boys we know. The tees for both genders are emblazoned with powerful messages that fly in the face of the usual “boys are trouble and girls are princesses” messaging that traditional clothing lines employ.
  2. Svaha. Svaha aims to make sure that girls’ love for science and math is celebrated instead of overlooked. Their intricate designs feature the periodic table, molecular structures, and specifications for rocket ships. Nerdy parents will love the designs and science-inclined girls will love that there are dresses that celebrate their interests.
  3. Free to Be Kids. Free to Be Kids carries tees and other clothing items that employ positive messages for boys and girls. It’s one of the few lines that carries clothing with messages for boys that emphasizes kindness and empathy, traits that we know many parents would like to emphasize to both their girls and their boys.
  4. Budding Stem. Science-friendly wares like tees for girls emblazoned with planes, trains, and trucks, and even dinosaurs and beetles, animals which rarely make it onto girls’ clothing, are sold at Budding Stem. The designs are all gender neutral and will appeal to both boys and girls.
  5. Jessy and Jack. Jessy and Jack creates super fun, colorful designs that boys and girls will love. The store is not divided into boys’ clothes and girls’ clothes, but rather carries items that appeal to both genders, and parents, with their vibrant styles.

Have you been on a search for gender neutral clothing for your child? Do you have a little one who doesn’t always love what is on offer in the boys’ or girls’ aisle at the store? Let us know which clothing lines you prefer in the comments section!

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