Halloween and Sensory Issues: Costumes That Won’t Irritate

Halloween and Sensory Issues: 8 Halloween Costumes That Won’t Irritate

Kids love October 31. Every year, it’s a chance to play make believe, to become something else for a night, and to have the great adventure of wandering the neighborhood at night receiving candy and staying out late! But for kids with sensory processing disorder, autism, or other sensory issues, finding a costume that doesn’t itch, rub, or tickle can be very difficult. These eight ideas can help you to navigate the costume minefield with ease.

Pajama-based costumes. Many parents of sensory kids default to this option, and for good reason. Pajamas are tried, true, and comfortable, and they come in a variety of designs. Around October, many stores start to sell pajamas with designs of skeletons, pumpkins, and Frankenstein’s monster. And year round, parents can find superhero or dinosaur pajamas that kids love.
A painter. This is a fun DIY project that also makes for a cool and colorful costume. Buy a white t-shirt and white pants, and a rainbow of assorted paint colors! Put down a tarp outside and splatter away!
Boo…a ghost! This classic costume is a classic for a reason. It’s easy and fun, and children with sensory issues will appreciate a thin, soft sheet. Cut the eye holes very large, or even consider cutting a large face hole so that breathing is easier.
Rockstar. You can get truly creative with this costume idea. Glue studs onto pants, sequins onto t-shirts, and go crazy with the temporary arm tattoos! Style your kid’s hair, hand her a toy guitar or microphone, and she’s good to go!
Lumberjack or farmer! Got flannel and denim? Pair jeans with a flannel shirt and give your child a fake axe for a lumberjack look. Or put some overalls on him and find a toy tractor or rake for farmer-style!
Lab coats are your friend! Let your child wear whatever is most comfortable for her, and layer a white lab coat over it for a variety of looks. A child wearing a lab coat with a handful of fake test tubes is a mad scientist, while a lab coat paired with a stethoscope is a doctor.
Embrace the sweatshirt! An inexpensive sweatshirt can be decorated in a variety of ways, and is comfortable and non-irritating. Glue dinosaur or dragon scales onto a green sweatshirt, bat wings onto a black sweatshirt, or fairy wings onto a variety of colors.
A crayon! All you need for this simple costume is a brightly colored top with pants to match. Use a sharpie to write “Crayola” on the front.

Do you have a child with sensory difficulties? Let us know how you have navigated the tricky waters of Halloween costuming in the comments section!

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