Growing a Kid-Friendly Garden: Five Plants

Growing a Kid-Friendly Garden: Five Plants That Will Get Little Ones on Board

Our young children can learn so much by helping to maintain a backyard garden. They’ll learn about soil conditions, sunlight, and the way in which seeds grow into seedlings and then full-fledged plants. They’ll also get some experience caring for a living thing and feeling a sense of accomplishment when they nurture it. These five plants are great for little gardeners!

  1. Sunflowers. Big, bright, and beautiful, sunflowers are a natural kid favorite. These tall, happy plants will be hard to miss in your backyard, and your kids will delight as they see them grow several feet high! Sunflowers sprout in about a week, and will grow to their full height within a month, so kids don’t need to wait for results for too long.
  2. Radishes. Radishes can be snacked on all on their own, or used in salads, and kids love their mild flavor. Plus, they germinate within one week, so your kids can plant them and then see results quickly! Plant these to add a satisfying crunch and a kid-friendly flavor to your summer. 
  3. Snow peas. Kids love snow peas, because you can eat them right off the vine, which makes harvesting fun and tasty! Your kids will get plenty of veggies into their diets when they learn they can eat these treats the fun way. Plus, snow peas grow well in shady spots, which many backyards have in abundance. 
  4. Bush beans. Bush beans are easy to grow, and yield a large amount of edible pods per seed. This makes them perfect for kids who want to see results! They also grow very quickly, and stay low to the ground, so kids can harvest them easily on their own. They’re low maintenance and don’t need the help of any poles or trellises to grow.
  5. Cherry tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are a favorite among small children, They are bright and colorful, which makes them stand out in the garden. Plus, they are sweet and juicy. Kids love to eat them on their own or in summer salads. Grow these tomatoes in full sunlight. And despite the fact that these plants grow tall, they must be watered at ground level, which means that kids can help to water them. 

Have you encouraged your children to help with your backyard gardening? What are their favorite plants? Let us know what they like to watch grow!

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