Five Kids’ Books We’re Looking Forward to in 2017

Five Kids’ Books We’re Looking Forward to in 2017

It seems that bookshelves have endless space, as parents collect more and more delightful and inspiring reads for their young children. While toys can create clutter, books tend to make for a more lasting and enriching experience, which is why daycare teachers and childcare providers like to stay on top of the newest kids’ books and make recommendations. These five favorites in 2017 will be sure to be on your wish lists.

Antoinette. This story of an inquisitive puppy and her quest to find what makes her truly unique is a great read for any little ones who may be unsure of themselves, or find themselves in a sibling’s shadow. And its setting in France makes for some artful pictures and cute phrasing.

XO, OX: A Love Story. A lovelorn ox pens letter after letter to his heart’s desire: a gazelle who does not seem to return his affections. This story is a sweet rendering of romantic love, and an interesting exploration of the different ways people choose to interact with one another. And in a digital age, it’s a nice reminder that a written letter or card can be a meaningful interaction.

Egg. Bestselling favorite Kevin Henkes has produced another beautifully illustrated book that appeals directly to young children. This book’s sense of surprise and suspense, and its playful wording that lends itself to reading out loud, will captivate your little ones. And for families who celebrate Easter, this makes a nice addition to your child’s basket.

How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends? This sweet book explores the many ways in which friendship can be challenged, and helps young children to understand that small rifts do not mean that a friendship is over. It explores the value of long-term friendships in a way that is palatable to younger kids.

A Busy Day for Birds. This one is meant to be read aloud. It’s a fun and dramatic reading which will have you and your kids flapping your feathers and bouncing up and down. Kids may ask for it again and again, since an interactive book that allows them to play along is always in demand.

Have you found any new releases that your kids won’t let you put down? Let us know in the comments section.

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