Five Healthy Foods that Provide Hydration and Nutrition

Five Healthy Foods that Provide Hydration and Nutrition on Hot Days

During the summer months, parents try to get their kids to drink more water than usual, especially when their children are playing outside and risking dehydration in the hot sun. But water tastes bland to a lot of kids, and your kids might only take a sip or two at a time when offered. Some parents offer their kids juice instead, but juice contains quite a bit of sugar. Think about supplementing your child’s water intake with plenty of hydrating foods, many of which are appealing to kids, no matter how picky!

Watermelon is an aptly named fruit that contains 92% water by weight. Its sweet and mild taste, especially when ripe, is a winner with kids. Plus, it’s easy to dole them out as a snack when kids are on the go. Just hand your kid a slice as he’s running around the backyard, and keep a few more slices on a plate for later. You can even make watermelon pops for the hottest of days, by pureeing watermelon, adding a little lemon juice, and freezing in molds.

Almost as hydrating as watermelon is grapefruit, which is low in calories and 90% water. If your child has an active day at summer camp ahead of her, consider adding grapefruit to your breakfast menu, offering slices of grapefruit alongside your child’s usual cereal, toast, or oatmeal. This is the type of breakfast that keeps hydration levels and energy up throughout the morning.

Avocado is creamier than other fruits, and less juicy, but it’s still incredibly hydrating! Avocados are made up of 80% water, and is a versatile food that can be incorporated into a variety of meals and snacks. Avocado toast is a filling breakfast that keeps kids hydrated throughout the day. And whole grain tortilla chips with guacamole can be a great snack on a hot afternoon.

Do you need to add more green veggies into your child’s diet? Try cucumber, which has a 96% water content, and a refreshing and mild taste that appeals to kids. Slice it up and add it to salads or sandwiches. Or try a salad of watermelon, cucumber, and feta cheese for a hydrating and nutritious snack. Calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium give your little one all of the electrolytes she needs throughout her day.

Broccoli is surprisingly comprised of 90% water, and this cruciferous veggie can be a great snack on the go. Let your kids eat it raw, with a yogurt dip or honey mustard. Or serve it for dinner to boost your child’s hydration levels after a long, hot day.

Do you have a few standby snacks that allow your kids to hydrate while still munching on something that tempts them? Let us know in the comments section!

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