Five Creative Autumn Inspired Family Recipes

Try These Five Creative Autumn Inspired Recipes that Kids and Adults Will Love!

While autumn in beautiful Palm Beach County may not herald the abrupt seasonal change as in other parts of the country, there’s still a subtle change in mood. Halloween pumpkins adorn front porches, and Thanksgiving approaches. Plus, here, just as in other parts of the country, produce such as pumpkins and squash begin to come into season. Become inspired by the flavors of the season and cook up some meals that reflect this festive time of year. In our preschool, we modify our menus to match the season, using as much local produce as possible. Here are some recipes you may want to try at home with your family.

These pumpkin quesadillas are sure to make your kids cheer for more. Kids love Mexcian flavors, are familiar with quesadillas, and will enjoy a casual dinner that they can grab with two hands. These quesadillas have a bit of sweetness added due to the pumpkin, making them a little different from your usual Mexican fare.

Unlike other parts of the country, tomatoes remain in season in Florida for much of the fall. In this easy, delicious lasagna, you can replaced canned tomatoes with fresh ones for a beautifully earthy flavor. Kids and adults both love lasagna, and it’s a comfort food favorite that makes people think of fall and winter. Make a big batch so that you have leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day.

Cruciferous veggies are incredibly healthy, and cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts all come into season this time of year. These roasted Brussels sprouts have a hint of maple syrup, and their sweetness may just win your kids over and have them eating these fiber-rich, antioxidant filled veggies happily!

These butternut squash muffins look like cupcakes, but they’re made with butternut squash that’s packed with fiber and beta-carotene. They have a sweetness that comes from the roasted squash, but isn’t overwhelming, and the frosting will sell your kids on a dessert that’s actually good for them!

And of course, Thanksgiving is coming next month. You’ll soon have a refrigerator filled with leftover turkey, and it won’t be long before your family is complaining that they’re bored of turkey sandwiches. On Black Friday, stay home and put together this turkey hash and fried eggs. Turkey is much healthier than beef in hash, and it’s a great, creative use of leftovers.

There it is, from our childcare kitchen to yours. What does your family enjoy this time of year? What do you normally pick up at the farmer’s market? Let us know your recipe ideas in the comments!

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