Our Favorite DIY Halloween Costumes for Craft Newbies

Our Favorite DIY Halloween Costumes for Craft Newbies

You’ve probably thumbed through the costume rack at your local big box store, and after several witches, black cats, and devils, you may be feeling a bit bored and somewhat at a loss. You’ve seen kids showing off unique, homemade costumes in past years, but if you’re a stranger to the crafty world of cardboard, felt, and hot glue, you may feel intimidated. We’ve chosen our favorite DIY Halloween costumes that even the most DIY-reluctant parent can handle!

Lego piece. Choose a cardboard box that will easily fit over your child’s upper body and torso, and cut out the top and bottom so that you can pull it right over your child’s head, cutting out armholes as well. Replicate the pegged surface of the Lego by adhering six small plastic cups with glue to the front of the cardboard box. Paint the entire Lego in non-toxic paint in the color of your child’s choosing.

Wednesday Addams. Celebrate this famously morose but adorable little girl with a simple and not-too-spooky costume. A black button down shirt tucked into a black skirt with black tights and shoes should do the trick, and if you can find a detachable white collar, even better. Two long braids, and you’re set!

Rubik’s cube. Fit a cube-shaped cardboard box to your child just as you would the Lego, above. Cover each side of the box in different hues of brightly colored construction paper, and replicate the cube’s grid with black electrical tape.

Scarecrow. You may be able to purchase hay sold for decorative purposes at your local farmer’s market or natural grocery store. But you can also grab some faux hay at your craft store. Stuff your child’s button-down shirt with the hay; the more sticking out, the better! To channel Scarecrow from “The Wizard of Oz”, add a straw hat and a smudge of brown paint on your child’s nose. A chambray or denim shirt with jeans will do for clothing.

Little Red Riding Hood. All you need to create a cape is just one large swath of red fabric and this no sew cape tutorial. Put the cape over a pretty dress, give your child a basket to carry, and you’re done. One little girl gave us a fright last year when she took off her hood to reveal a wolf’s mask!

Carl, from the movie “Up”. A toddler or preschooler dressed as this sweet little old man will make everyone swoon. All you need is a cardigan and a bow-tie. For extra effect, add a walker with tennis balls attached to the feet and a bouquet of balloons!

Night sky. This is the ultimate last minute DIY costume. Outfit your child in all black clothing from head to toe, and affix glow in the dark stars, moons, planets, and comets from his black hat to his black sneakers. He’ll glow all evening long!

Rosie the Riveter. Let Halloween be a night for a little girl power! A denim or chambray shirt and a polka dot scarf tied in your child’s hair are all you need to replicate this vintage icon of wartime empowerment. Teach your daughter to flex for extra attitude!

Cowboy/cowgirl. Here’s yet another costume that needs only a denim or chambray shirt and a pair of jeans for its foundation. Add cowboy boots and a hat, which can both be found for less cash than you might think at Target or Kohl’s.

Lumberjack. Buffalo plaid, and plaid flannel shirts in general, are in this fall, so you’ll have no trouble finding a shirt to pair with jeans for this look. Add a wool beanie-style hat and draw a beard with drugstore mascara for the full effect.

Have you seen any simple, homemade costumes that have inspired you either at daycare, preschool, or trick-or-treating? Let us know what you’ve got in mind in the comments!

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