Get Prepared for Daycare: What to Pack For Your Child

Get Prepared for Daycare: What to Pack For Your Child

Enrolling your child in center-based care means a big change in your life and the life of your child! To make the transition easier, you’ll want to show up on the first day with all of the supplies your child will need on a daily basis to ensure his comfort, sense of security, and happiness.

  1. Two changes of clothes. Many parents carry a change of clothes either in their bag or their trunk, because as we all know, diaper blowouts and spilled food happen with some frequency when your children are young! Double the change of clothes that you keep at daycare, and pack a few resealable bags so that your childcare provider can return soiled clothing to you, mess-free.
  2. Diapers, pull-ups, wipes and cream. If your child is not potty-trained, remember to supply your daycare provider with enough diapers and wipes to get him through each day. Even once your child is potty-trained, speak with your child’s teacher to see if pull-ups should be packed for naptime!
  3. Nutrition. When you enroll your infant in daycare, you’ll need to supply her childcare providers with enough breastmilk or formula to get her through each day. When she starts to eat solids, confer with your childcare center on their plan for meals and snacks at this young age.  You may or may not need to pack food for your child, depending on your center’s plan.
  4. Along with a crib size sheet, special comforting items, especially for naptime are a necessity. Whether it’s a well-worn stuff or a favorite blanket, remember to send it bring it along to daycare so that your child can feel some familiar comforts.  Just make sure to speak with your child’s teacher to make sure the size of these special items is appropriate for their environment.
  5. Remember the weather! In cooler weather, remember to pack a layer with your child so that unexpected wind or cool rain doesn’t cause her to become chilly. And, of course, sunhats, and cool clothing are imperative on hot, sunny days.
  6. How to bring all these items to and from preschool is also an important issue to discuss with your center.  Should you bring enough diapering supplies for the week, day or longer?  How will sheets and blankets be sent home for laundering? Speaking with your child’s teacher about all these issues will help insure your child has everything she needs.   

If your kids are already enrolled in daycare, what has your family found to be invaluable to have packed in his backpack or stored in his cubby? Let us know in the comments section!

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