Create Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts with Your Young Child

Create Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts with Your Young Child

If you host Thanksgiving at your home, you may think of new ways to enhance your guests’ experience each year. From new recipes to interesting décor, every host likes to innovate every once in a while. This year, get your young child in on the action by asking him to create Thanksgiving arts and crafts with you. Preschoolers and even toddlers can help you with some of these decorative items and they’ll be proud to show off their work on Thanksgiving Day!

If you cringe at the thought of all of the leftovers that end up in your refrigerator after Thanksiving dinner this year, consider creating takeout packaging that will invite your guests to take home a bit of sweet potato or Brussels sprouts this year. Purchase white to-go cartons with white lids, and ask your child to use fingerpaint in autumnal colors to create turkey designs on the lids of each container. These adorable takeaway containers will be a special treat for your guests!

If you’re looking for a different, and very seasonal take on the Thanksgiving centerpiece this year, create gorgeous floral centerpieces potted in pumpkins! Your child can help you to pick out a few perfect, medium-sized pumpkins, and after you carve off the tops, they can help to scoop out the insides. Then, choose a few multi-colored flowers from the florist, grocery store, or your backyard with your child, and place each bouquet inside the pumpkins for an unusual display of beautiful flowers.

If you’re looking for a simple craft that won’t take too much DIY skill this year, take a quick nature walk with your child. Ask her to find the prettiest leaves she can find, and bring her treasures home. Look for a variety of colors and shapes. Then, using inexpensive frames from Ikea or Target, frame your child’s findings and use them either as centerpieces or as artwork displayed on your serving table.

Does your childcare center have your children focused on creating seasonal art each autumn? Remember to ask her preschool or daycare teachers for a few pieces of her work, because displaying a child’s art in your kitchen will have guests, especially grandparents, oohing and aahing over your child’s artistic skills!

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