COV-19 Update June 26, 2020

COVID-19 Update June 26, 2020

Dear Parents,

These certainly are challenging times.  We have all been watching the news and seeing the number of cases across Florida rise.  All of us at Summit Kids Academy are continuously working to meet this challenge and keep our center safe for our families and our teachers.  We remain vigilant and committed to open communication with our families about all the measures we have and continue to take.

All the policies we put in place as of the end of March are still in effect and we have been adding new procedures and equipment too as soon as they become available. We have assumed a leadership role in our early learning community in fighting COVID and will continue to do so.

A summary of the actions we have taken and policies in place:

  • Curb side pick-up and drop off
    • Limiting the number of people in the building keeps us safe
  • All teachers and staff wear masks at all times in the indoor and outdoor classroom
    • wW can’t always stay 6 feet away from the children
  • Continuous and rigorous cleaning and sanitation of all touch points
    • Using industry leading safe and effective disinfectants
  • Use of Zono to sanitize all classroom supplies daily
    • What other childcare can clean the crayons?
  • UV light air purification system continuously sanitizing the air we breathe
    • Not just a filter but activity purifying all the air in the building
  • Emphasis on using the outdoor classroom
    • Being outside greatly reduces risk of transmission, plus kids learn better outside
  • Implementation of social distancing strategies
    • Hard to keep toddlers 6 feet apart, but nap time mats are 6 feet apart and we limit number of children in any one center
  • Strict application of our sick policy
    • If a staff member or your child is sick – STAY HOME.  If any symptoms appear during the day, children must be picked up ASAP
  • Instruction and mentoring to children of good hygiene practices
    • Avoid touching face or mouth, cover mouth with inside of elbow when coughing or sneezing
  • Nightly use of electrostatic sprayer throughout the whole building
    • Far more effective than simple fogging or traditional cleaning
  • Hand washing, Hand washing, Hand washing
    • Children and staff wash their hands properly upon entry, before and after all means, after using bathroom, each time they change activities and before going home.
  • Daily health screening of all children and staff
    • Fever check, sore throat? Headache? Upset stomach? Unusual fatigue?

Complying with all these policies has not been easy for you as parents or for us but we thank you for all you support and cooperation.  To this list, we are adding one more new policy to keep us safe.

New Street School Shoe Policy

Starting July 6 (or earlier if you are able), all children and staff will be required to remove their street shoes (the ones they arrive in) before entering their indoor classroom. Specific storage for street shoes will be provided.  School shoes will be kept at school and worn when inside. School shoes should be closed toe and appropriate for play, please no slippers or croc type shoes.  The children and staff will wear their street shoes in the outdoor classroom and to return home. This is one more way of keeping viruses of all kind outside the areas where your children play and learn. Pick up may take another minute or two while the children change their shoes, but health and safety remain our priority.

Should you have any questions regarding this new policy or any of the technology we have implemented in our fight against COVID-19, please let us know.

Thank you for your support in allowing us to remain at the summit of childcare providers.

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