Building Positive Relationships With Your Child's Teachers

Building Positive Relationships with Your Child’s Teachers: 7 Ways to Feel Connected

Your child’s daycare providers are with them through thick and thin. When you leave your infant in the hands of a childcare provider, or kiss your toddler goodbye as he rushes off to greet his teachers, you’re participating in a collaborative relationship that is crucial to your child’s development and wellbeing. Building a great relationship with your child’s teachers will allow them to take the very best care of your child.

  1. Learn names. There are likely a number of people involved in the care of your child on a daily basis. You, of course, know your child’s teacher’s name and the name of the center’s directors, but do you know the assistant teachers or other teachers who may be helping from time to time? Getting to know who each person is in the center is worth your time, as it allows your relationships with the people who care for your child to blossom.
  2. Communication is key. Do you have a worry a new behavior that your child is exhibiting? Are you curious about an area of learning that is taking place in the classroom? Are there changes occurring at home that affect your child?  Talk to her teachers so that they can support your child, and you!
  3. Ask if you can help. If your child is struggling with something at school, or if there is a transition between classrooms taking place, ask what you can do at home to support to efforts being made at school.
  4. Be specific—teachers will take note! Do you have a magic trick that gets your child to take his nap at home? Is there certain language that you use that always calms your little one? Tell your child’s teacher and you’ll be setting the stage for smooth transitions and a more streamlined form of care.
  5. Involve your child’s teacher when making decisions. Is your toddler ready for potty? Talk to her teacher about what patterns and behavior she has noticed, and you can make a more informed decision.
  6. Attend events when you’re able. Childcare providers understand how busy parents are, and they don’t expect you to attend every school event. But coming to the occasional party or special event will help you to bond with the teachers and understand a bit more about their relationships with your child.
  7. Say “thank you”. It may not seem like it makes a big difference, but your child’s teacher cares more about your appreciation and validation than you know! When you thank a teacher, you’re letting her know that you see the efforts she is making to care for your child.

Have you developed a positive relationship with your child’s daycare teachers? How did you forge a bond with the providers who care for your little one? Let us know in the comments section!

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