15 Etsy Preschooler Halloween Costumes

Get the DIY Look With None of the Work: Etsy’s 15 Best Halloween Costumes for Your Preschooler

Are you tired of the same witch and superhero costumes you find at the drugstore every year? Does your preschooler have more unique ideas about what they’d like to dress up as, but your DIY skills are not up to par? Etsy offers a wide selection of cute, fun costumes with that great DIY look! Here are our childcare experts’ 15 favorites.

  1. This owl costume is light as air, with real feathers and beautifully sheer ribbons and tulle details.
  2. This take on the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is perfect for babies. And it’s as easy as a onesie and a jaunty little hat!
  3. This queen of hearts costume is not a cutesy affair. It’s regal and grown-up, and will truly make your little girl feel like a queen.
  4. This extra cute deer costume is a great addition to the bevy of woodland themed costumes out there, and can be customized for a girl or boy.
  5. This dragon costume is less Game of Thrones and more cuddly firebreather!
  6. This pirate costume is customizable, with several shirt and pants options that your child will have fun choosing from.
  7. Perfect for a little boy, this fox costume is cuddly, cozy, and dapper all at once.
  8. This shark costume may look scary, but it’s the comfy choice for kids who hate too much fuss.
  9. This big kids’ costume is for young Prince fans who want to celebrate the late Purple one in style.
  10. Whether you’re a Star Wars fanatic, or you’ve gotten your kids on the bandwagon, this Jedi robe will make every kid feel like Obi-Wan.
  11. Is your kid on the fence about dressing up for Halloween? Is he too cool for costumes? This witty onesie/t-shirt is a great option.
  12. Whether you have twins, or just two kids who love to coordinate, these Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes are cute and unexpected.
  13. This adorable Little Red Riding Hood costume is super sweet and colorful. The basket is a nice touch, and eliminates the need for a plastic pumpkin!
  14. Do you or your child love pink? This piggy costume is cozy and sweet, and great for babies and young toddlers.
  15. Does your kid want to be truly unique? No one else on the block will be dressed as a bubble gum machine this year!

Do you already have the perfect costume picked out? Tell us your Halloween ideas in the comments!

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