10 Healthy and Simple Breakfasts for Young Kids

Make Breakfast Healthy and Simple with These 10 Healthy Ideas for Young Kids

If your toddler or preschooler is staging a protest each morning at the breakfast table, you may need to liven things up in the morning. Not every family has time for elaborate breakfast displays and short order cooking, so take a look at these simple breakfast ideas for inspiration!

  1. Make a batch of honey and peach mini muffins on a Sunday night, and you’ll have a ready-to-eat breakfast for your kids all week long.
  2. Do your kids love blueberry pie? Let them know that this blueberry pie oatmeal truly tastes like the real thing, and they’ll gobble it up, not knowing how many antioxidants are inside.
  3. On a hot summer morning, smoothies can start to sound very appealing. This key lime smoothie has a dessert-like feel, but is full of protein and will both refresh and sustain your child.
  4. When your child happily eats mini waffles every morning, you might start worrying about the amount of protein he’s getting at breakfast. Solution? Make a mini waffle sandwich with peanut butter in between two waffles.
  5. These open sandwiches with almond butter on bananas are a hit with kids. They’re a little silly, and made with entirely healthy ingredients.
  6. If you love your slow cooker, you’ll love this whole grain breakfast porridge that can be made in advance and then served to your family all week long.
  7. There is a reason lists like these often contain a suggestion to serve your kids toast in the shape of hearts and stars. The tactic actually works! Buy a few cookie cutters and ask your child if she’d like her avocado toast to look like a flower or a bunny rabbit.
  8. While breakfast popsicles might sound like a sugary morning bribe, this recipe is full of protein and antioxidants, and will leave your kids nourished and sustained.
  9. When you’re short on time, take a whole wheat tortilla, spread it with the nut butter or sunflower butter of your choice, add banana slices and a few chocolate chips, and you’ve got breakfast.
  10. These chocolate peanut butter breakfast bars are no-bake, gluten-free, packed with protein, and are a sure crowd-pleaser.

Do you have a breakfast go-to that always work for your kids? Let other parents know in the comments section!

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