Focus on Every Child

Our mission is to provide the best possible, safest and most nurturing environment to support learning and growth of the whole child and their families.


We believe in the inherent value of each and every young child. Each child is unique and thrives when treated with dignity and respect. Children must be loved and nurtured by the adults who have been entrusted with their care.

Children are intrinsically motivated to learn. In order to make the most of each child’s thirst for the acquisition of knowledge and new skills, young children must be provided with developmentally appropriate educational experiences in a safe and caring environment. We recognize that children are life long learners who are best understood within the context of family, culture, and society.

We believe that it is important to help every child:

  • Develop a healthy self-concept.
  • Learn to socialize with peers and to trust adults.
  • Recognize emotions and express them in an acceptable manner.
  • Develop a degree of independence and responsibility for self.
  • Learn what his or her body can do and take pride in increasing skills.
  • Enjoy being creative and learn to express thoughts and feelings in a creative way.