Educational Program Principles

Program Principles

To achieve our objectives our educational program meets the following principles:

  • Each child is unique – While there exist predictable sequences in a child’s development, each child has their own personality and their own rate of development.
  • The child’s development is a global and integrated process – Child development touches all dimensions of the person (physical, motor, intellectual, social, emotional, moral and linguistic.) These dimensions are interrelated as each of them relies on the other, creating a ripple effect on the overall development of the child.
  • The child is key to his/her own development – The child’s thinking is based directly on what he sees, hears or touches. Through his/her interactions with the physical and human environment, be it by exploring, manipulating, observing, listening, or speaking, he/she will build knowledge of themselves and others within their own environment.
  • The child learns through play – Our program is based on play. Therefore, the activities our teachers will organize are based on play for the children and directed interventions. The child can therefore explore, understand and control their own environment, which stimulates their own evolution and interaction. Through games, the teachers can learn about the child’s behavior, emotions, knowledge and thought process.
  • Communication between the parents and the teacher is essential – Acknowledge that the families are essential in the child’s development and strive to maintain constant cooperation between the home and our professionals.
  • Each child is unique – Open communication contributes to the harmonious development of the child. If the child has developed a strong and trusting relationship with his parents and other adults in his life develop not sure what this means relationships amongst themselves that are based on mutual support and respect, the child will then be more open to new relationships on the same basis. The healthy exchanges between educational staff and parents are very valuable to the child as it will allow the child to adapt more easily.